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Counseling Services in Houston, TX
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Stop Feeling Anxious About Your Life...Start Feeling Good Again!

Struggling to make changes in your life? You don't have to go through this alone. Counseling can help.

From the first session, We will talk with you about your immediate concerns. By the second session, you will start to learn how to use hands-on tools to begin making lasting changes in your life.

Counseling Specialties Include:
  • Eating Disorders 
  • Body Image 
  • Weight Management  
  • Anxiety  
  • Spiritual Counseling 
  • Career Coaching
We customize counseling to provide a unique one-on-one approach that fits your particular needs and style. You will find a safe, supportive environment that can help restore hope and give you the skills you need to lead a richer, more joyful life.

Convenient location with easy access right off the 610 loop just south of Hwy.59, free parking.

Lunch and evening appointments available.

Nancy Wilson, MEd, LPC, MBA



About Us:

Nancy Wilson

Nancy received her MEd in Counseling and her BA in Education from Clemson University, as well as an MBA from LeTourneau Univesity. Her 15 years of professional experience include counseling in a university setting and in community mental health, as well as experience in human resources. Nancy holds a license as a Professional Counselor in the state of Texas. She is passionate about helping clients find their strengths so that they can live their lives in a way that feels meaningful, intentional, and satisfying. She is also passionate about helping clients who may feel stuck because of struggles with depression, anxiety, career distress, and other issues, to move forward in the direction of their work and life goals and live life to the fullest!

Nancy has lived and traveled all over the world. This global perspective has helped her connect with diverse groups of people. Nancy has a unique ability to help people find the source of their pain and gain the motivation to do something about it. Her counseling is hands-on, practical, and short-term focused. This  gives client's the tools they need to make real changes in their lives.

Areas of Professional Practice:

Eating Disorders / Emotional Eating/ Overeating

Anxiety Counseling

Couples Counseling

Career Counseling. 


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